About Us

Dear friends, welcome to our website!

If you are here, it means cooking your passion and we understand each other very well.

Cake&Deco offer you exclusive products from around the world for professional bakers or beginners.

Here you find not only all traditional necessary cooking utensils for baking and decorating, but again the newest, the most innovative tools and work aids for culinary art!

Team Cake&Deco is all eyes your requirements, and precisely research the best world producers of goods for baking and decorating offers.

In order to evaluate all features or to eliminate mistakes, all products are tested by our cooks and amateur bakers. After we choose the best of the best, we offer you our goods.

It is not important if you are the professional baker, beginner or you just want to surprise your family and friends. Everyone finds all necessary tools in Cake&Deco.

Become a part of Cake&Deco team; share with us your passion!